Order Info

  • -We sell wholesale only
  • -All orders ship by fedex freight
  • -Total order amount should equal $100
  • -Credit card required for opening order- N30 terms apply upon approval
  • -All product is priced based off of our MOQ- e.g. a $1 shot glass has a -MOQ of 12pcs: displayed cost= $12. MOQ for each item included in       the description.
Our History

The business, now known as Tri-State Souvenir & Novelty, was started in a garage back in 1979 as a coloring book and toy distributor.  Soon after, music was added to the product line.  This included 8-track tapes, and later, cassette tapes.  Many products have come and gone, (although none went away faster than the 8-track) but the dedication to customer service remained.
Eventually, our focus became servicing interstate locations:  Truck Stops, Travel Centers, and C-Stores. Over time, souvenirs became the heart of our product line.  We began developing comprehensive custom souvenir programs, backed by a service network 
throughout the Midwest.We currently carry a full line of souvenirs for the following states:  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.  Licensed 
collegiate merchandise, gifts and novelty items are also core product lines, where we have a reputation for carrying the latest, fastest selling items available.  Currently, we supply most of the top companies in the travel plaza industry where we are known for our 
outstanding product, personal service, and unique merchandising solutions.  We would love to learn about your company and welcome you to learn what Tri-State Souvenir can do for your business.